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Earthbond presents geodata in 3D with surveying, architectural and GIS precision requirements in an intuitive interface. An automated rules-based approach to data quality, data integration and data enhancement.


Open Data

Governments, organizations, and communities are providing constantly renewed coverage and types of Open Data.


Open Data deliver the global to local scale common groundwork to build services: from Apps to Digital Twins.

We leverage, integrate, and interface Open Data with our client’s requirements and proprietary information.


3D Visualization

 A Geometrically, Geographically, and Geodetically Accurate 3D Data Visualization Tool.

Particularly efficient with LiDAR data and 3D models, it builds Virtual Dioramas and Digital Twins of Earth's Urban and Natural Landscapes. 

Toquis Validator is what you need when you want to go beyond 2D Maps and construct useful 3D Representations of the World! It is the Display Engine of Accurate 3D GIS. 



Geodata is data with a location. Too often in the past, it has just been x y coordinates on a map: making the data only 2D. 

The dimension of height, depth, and elevation requires more operational and accurate 3D data representations.

Geospatial data are spatial and temporal measurements are time-stamped, from vehicles and ground movements to IOT Sensors outputs.

We build our big data to digital twin projects mindful of geodata 4D(3D+Time) location

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